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TOP 5 SPA of the world

SPA-tourism is becoming more and more popular every year: the market offers a lot of SPA-tours, while new SPA-hotels around the world are growing like mushrooms after the rain. Naturally, it is very difficult for the tourist to navigate through the variety of options and choose the right place to stay. Here is a list […]

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snowy mountains

Where to go on holiday in December: 8 top destinations

Holiday season! Let’s finish the year with a memorable vacation to a destination that has been on your list for long. Whether you want to experience the various Christmas markets, a winter wonderland or enjoy the warmer climate this holiday season, December trip can be absolutely wonderful. It can also be a great way to […]

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London guide: where to go, what to see

All my school I was learning English and the majority of texts started from “London is a capital of Great Britain“. So it was at the top of the places to visit. Let me share with you what places are must visit in “the capital of Great Britain”. Not all of them were in the […]

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