Road trip, woman in the car

21 healthy snacks for your next road trip

Traveling by car gives us freedom of movement, almost unlimited luggage, and, most importantly, the ability to change your route at any time. Also, it is a great way to travel while avoiding crowded airports and flight check-ins. Car travel allows you to visit places where it is impossible to walk or take a tour. […]

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how to reduce the weight of suitcase. Backpacking

9 tips on how to reduce the weight of a suitcase

Let’s evaluate objectively, heavy luggage is annoying, tiring, and sometimes quite expensive. With this short guide, you will forget about heavy suitcases and experience the charm of traveling light. Indeed, why can’t we take the example of experienced travelers who can travel the world with a light backpack? Why do we try to squeeze all […]

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How to beat autumn blues

How to beat the autumn blues

Feeling tired, fed-up and demotivated after our summer break – that’s what happens with most of us after summer. Don’t miss your holidays! Follow our tips to beat the autumn blues. 1) Be a morning person Lack of sunlight as the days become shorter and darker can trigger seasonal affective disorder (SAD), leaving you feeling […]

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Travel tips where to go

5 common booking mistakes – do not repeat

Traveling is fun but it might turn into a disaster if you commit these five booking mistakes. Proper planning and research is the key to a successful holiday travel.  Here are travel tips about the five common booking mistakes which you as a traveler should avoid. 1. Booking late for holiday seasons  Booking your travel […]

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autumn road trip travel by car

5 tips to warm up on a road trip in the autumn

Did you think about the best time for an adventure? In addition to other, perhaps obvious choices, it’s autumn! It’s not hot on the street (in some cases it is not hot at all), the weather in autumn is rather cold, but it makes the adventure even better. You are not exhausted by the summer […]

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luggage pack smart prepare for a journey travel tips

Pack smart – save costs and space

For many people it can be the most difficult part of preparations, but at the same time it is so exciting! To pack the luggage you should imagine what you will wear, what you will use in your travel. And that brings us closer to the journey! Learn how to pack smart and save your […]

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luggage pack smart prepare for a journey travel tips sunset beach resort

15 money saving travel tips that actually work

Any trip can be cheaper if it is properly prepared! Here are some tactics to make your journey cheaper.⠀ Before the journey 1. Book a trip in advance Plan your vacation ahead. The best fares are advertised 50 days ahead of departure. ⠀ 2. Select the best moment Tuesdays are the cheapest days to book air […]

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