The white sea. Karelia best places to visit

Must-see in Karelia. 8 top places to visit in Karelia by car

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The white sea. Karelia best places to visit

Are you looking for a must-see places in Karelia to visit? Karelia is a magic place with lots of beautiful reserves, full of natural beauty and calm, it’s an amazing combination of pine trees and rocks. Its scenery is exciting almost in any corner. I’ve compiled a list of top places to visit in Karelia by car which you can easily find in navigator.

1. Kivach Waterfalls

The Kivach Waterfalls is the must-see if you are going here in a warm season. Here you’ll enjoy the nature with picturesque rivers, forests and of course waterfalls.

2. The Arctic Circle

Here is a place where the Arctic circle officially begins. It is a territory of polar day and polar night, where the sun doesn’t get down for a half year and doesn’t rise up for another half.


3. Mountains park Ruskeala

This object of cultural heritage is based on former marble quarry filled with groundwater. In the winter evenings it is decorated with amazing lights. 
Also, it is a great place for lovers of active leisure. Apart from hiking in some breathtaking places, you can rent a boat to feel all the beauty of Marble Lake and explore the small caves. By the way, many buildings in Saint Petersburg are built with this marble.
Karelia top places to visit. Cows

4. Paanajarvi

It’s another great place to touch the nature. On contrast with active Ruskeala, Paanajarvi is all about reconnecting with nature and finding your own zen away from the civilization. There is no electricity or mobile connection, just the power of nature.

5. Explore ancient Russia in Kizhi

This corner of ancient Russia is included in UNESCO Heritage. The church in Kizhi is a good example of the traditional Russian architecture. Kizhi architectural ensemble was constructed several centuries ago by anonymous architect, without plan, draft neither using any metal nails. It definitely worths to see it.

6. White Sea

This is an internal sea in Russia, the water here is salty and cold. It gives absolutely new experience for diving lovers. White sea stays cold even in the hottest months, but many divers come here to see a different flora and fauna.

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The white sea. Karelia best places to visit
The White Sea. Photo by Natalya Vatrushkina

7. Valaam island

Valaam is an archipelago in the northern portion of Lake Ladoga, lying within the Republic of Karelia. The total area of its more than 50 islands is 36 km². The largest island is also called Valaam. It is a religious center and a very special place. In warm season, there are regular ships cruising to Valaam. You can explore the island by foot in the day and sleep on the ship at night.

8. Taste Karelian cuisine

Local cuisine is another great way to learn something new about the country. In every journey we want to get a taste of the country or place through it’s cuisine, and Karelia has a lot to offer there. As all northern cuisine, it is simple but tasty and energizing. The must-try are kalitki with potatoes. They look a lot like pirogi and are always served hot. It is a custom to put butter on top of kalitki which makes them even tastier – goodbye diet.

Karelia top places to visit. Landscape
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