The polar bear in the Leningrad zoo

Where to go in Saint-Petersburg: spend one day in the Leningrad Zoo

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If you want to diversify the cultural program with nature, the great option of what to do and where to go in Saint-Petersburg is to spend one day in the Leningrad zoo!

The day started with rain and finished with great memories and wild animals in the Leningrad Zoo. Today we decided to visit the Leningrad zoo, but the weather changed from rain to sun several times. In one of such iterations, we got very close to the zoo, but heavy rain started again. It was a good time to turn around and go home. But we decided that since we arrived, we need to get to the final goal. And after a short break at the shawarma in the park, we went for a walk around the zoo. And it was 100% right decision!

The evening is a great time to visit a zoo – there is no crowd of people, and almost all animals walk in street enclosures.

Polar bear - the symbol of the Leningrad Zoo
Polar bear - the symbol of the Leningrad Zoo

Some history

The Leningrad Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Russia (founded in August 1865), one of the northernmost in the world, and one of the smallest in Europe. It’s located almost in the center of the city and initially, it was a private menagerie.

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The Leningrad is a former name of Saint-Petersburg. The Leningrad zoo’s name was retained even after the city resumed its former name of Saint-Petersburg, in commemoration of the zoo workers’ deed of saving the animals during the Leningrad Blockade.

It’s interesting to know that it preserved the architectural layout of the late XIX century. Although, the original pre-revolutionary buildings are no longer standing.

According to the history of the zoo, it was not available for the townspeople only once, in winter of 1941-42. And.. this year. And now it is finally opened for everyone again.

The zoo today

Today it houses more than 600 species animals, including large and small predators, hoofed animals, birds, camels, alpacas and llamas, primates, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and fish. Priority has been given to the smaller species which don’t require a lot of space, as the zoo has limited area. The symbol of the Zoo is a Polar Bear.

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 Live shows

The Leningrad Zoo also boasts several interactive exhibits. There are regular feeding shows, environmental enrichment activities, trainings and other interaction with animals. You can even take a ride on a horse or donkey.

Some of the animal enclosures are under construction, the zoo is actively working on renovating the old buildings, as well as creating new exhibitions. But there are still a lot of animals too see and interact. The monkeys are super playful!

Saint-Petersburg zoo. The peacock

Note: During Coronovirus restrictions, there are no feeding animals shows. But when it is available again, it’s really exciting to see the feeding of wild animals.
Check for more details on the zoo official website: Animal feeding

Today Leningradsky Zoopark remains a unique museum of wildlife in St. Petersburg as well as a conservation and educational institution. It continues its unceasing development trying to be up-to-date, enhancing animal welfare with the aim for best European standards, and improving the quality of its service.
The Leningrad Zoo

The Lenindgrad Zoo is a unique museum of wildlife in the heart of St. Petersburg. It is an educational environmental institution which allows you within the city boundaries to learn about the planet’s biological diversity, expand your biological, zoological, ecological horizons, and, of course, spend some great quality time here!

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Several hours spent at the Leningrad Zoo will be both fun, educational, and full of great photos!


  • The Leningrad zoo is definitely worth to see
  • As it is quite small, it will take from 3 hours to walk around at an easy pace
  • The best time to visit: summer evening
  • Check more details on the official website:
  • Location: Sankt-Petersburg, Alexandrovskiy park, 1, subway station “Gorkovskaja” or “Sportivnaja”
  • Opening hours: 10 AM – 8 PM (ticket window: 10 AM – 7 PM)
  • Ticket Price: 500 rubles (200 rubles with student ID)

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