What to do in Saint-Petersburg. Palace bridge

What to do in Saint-Petersburg. Look at the night city from the boat!

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The city of channels, rivers and bridges. Someone calls Saint-Petersburg a city of channels, rivers and bridges, someone calls it a Northern Venice. It has more than 90 rivers. And there was a time when there were no bridges at all! Have you ever dreamed to look at the night city from the boat? Saint-Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world which you can see from the water. If you plan to visit this city and haven’t decided what to do in Saint-Petersburg, here is an option!

Some history

For many years there were no bridges across the main Neva river and other smaller rivers. The main priority was building the Russian fleet  and the bridges were considered as obstacles for navigation.
How did they move? By boats. The citizens of St Petersburg were even encouraged to learn the rules of navigation.

We had a chance to learn that rules too one summer day. Unforgettable experience. You can contact me on Instagram if you’d like to know how to rent a boat without a captain. 

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These days

Later, as the city was growing, some badge bridges were first introduced to improve transportation between banks of the river.

Currently, there are more than 340 bridges! And all main bridges crossing the Neva River are drawbridges, participating in navigation.


Many travelers try to see the draw at least once – watching the bridges divorce and get back together at dawn is one of the most 💜 romantic experience.
The most popular ways to see it:
– From the boat. You can find tons of night excursions
– By walk. It will also look amazing from the bank side.

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On the other hand, it’s also a big challenge. A lifehack for those who stay late on “a wrong” bank in summertime – make sure to check the bridge divorce times to avoid unexpectedly long walk till the morning😜