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15 money saving travel tips that actually work

Before the trip Recommended Travel tips

Any trip can be cheaper if it is properly prepared! Here are some tactics to make your journey cheaper.⠀

Before the journey

1. Book a trip in advance

Plan your vacation ahead. The best fares are advertised 50 days ahead of departure.

2. Select the best moment

Tuesdays are the cheapest days to book air tickets.
The cheapest time to fly is between 6 pm and midnight. If it is not critical for you to arrive late, you can save some money if you take off after 6 pm.

3. Choose the route

Flying indirectly will also cost less. Direct tickets are usually more expensive. Try to select indirect flights which do not increase significantly the total duration of your flight.

4. Travel in low season

Cliser to the end of the seasons the prices will be significantly lower and at the same time the sea will still warm or the mountains will still have lots of snow.

Just try to avoid the peak season travel: and its not only the summer butalso Easter, Christmas, and other long weekends.

If you travel out of season, you will have cheaper tickets and less busy destinations.

5. What month is better for you?

The ticket price differs from month to month. Make a research to find the most appropriate period and price. If you analyze the flight prices across a whole month, you will see the cheapest days to fly. If you compare travel from a Tuesday to Tuesday with a Friday to Friday, you’ll see the difference. If the day of departure is not too critical for you, try to avoid flying at the weekend – the journey will be cheaper!

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6. Broaden your travel horizon

If you don’t mind where you go while you can get there cheaper, use special filters to search for a flight. Skyscanner provides an option “search everywhere” – it allows you to sort the flights from your local airport in price order. You might end up with a good deal. Or check out the Skyscanner flight comparison map to find cheapest destinations.

7. Are you ready to fly with stopovers?

If you are not limited in time to reach your destination, consider a flight with an intermediate stop. Indirect routes are usually cheaper. If your point of destination has several airports, don’t forget to compare the price of tickets to nearby airports. 

8. Bring your own food on board

If you have a long wait for your flight, make sure you won’t be hungry. To save the money in the airport you can pack your own snack. You are not allowed to bring liquids on board (in case you planned to take a soup), but it’s fine to take sandwiches, chips, nuts.

At the destination

9. Walk

Walking around is the best way see a place and learn more about it after you arrived. And when you are tired, don’t forget about public transport – in the most cases it will be cheaper than taxi. 

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10. Don’t stay in the city centre

The hotels in the city of the center are always over priced. Nicee view from the window will cost a lot, and at the same time will not affect your walking significantly. If you search for a quieter location far from the center or even outside of the city, you will still enjoy all the attractions and will be able to reach your hotel to have a rest. 

11. Save money using free WiFi

Ask for an access to WiFi in the cafés, hotels, libraries 😉

If you are calling home, don’t forget about using free messengers. Almost all of them provide calling functionality. 

If you must be online more often, think about using a service of local mobile providers – it often occurs cheaper than your domestiс provider when you are in the roaming.

12. Eat like a local

It will allow you not only to try the new for you local cousine, but you will choose the places which local trust – it may be both more tasty and cheaper. 

If you plan to walk aroung the city for a long time, don’t forget to pick up a snack from the supermarket. 

If it’s not cold outside, think about trying a street food.

13. Shop like a local too

Don’t run to the nearest touristy souvenir shops near your hotel or airport, seek out markets and off-high-street stores that are crowded by the locals. It doesn’t have to be a souvenir itself – it can be some useful thing for your or your friend’s home – new towel, clay plates for a jam or even clothes – it may bring you more pleasure if you use it daily rather than watching it from time to time – but it’s up to you.  

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If the culture of the country you are visiting, allows, try bargaining. But don’t push it too far.

14. Save on foreign currency exchange

Debit card can be cheaper than credit card in the most cases. If you not only pay by card, keep in mind that you can be charged by bank for each cash withdrawal. To decrease the wastage, try to take out largers sums at a time to make it less frequent.

Consider taking some cash from your home country to avoid paying a commission at the airport. 

15. Get cheaper travel insurance

If you travel several times a year, it will be more profitable for you to buy an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy instead of buying the spot insurance for a single trip.