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Pack smart – save costs and space

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For many people it can be the most difficult part of preparations, but at the same time it is so exciting! To pack the luggage you should imagine what you will wear, what you will use in your travel. And that brings us closer to the journey! Learn how to pack smart and save your costs and luggage space. 


1. Select things

Before you put things in a suitcase, collect them in one pile. Compare the size of the pile with the size of the suitcase and be horrified. Throw out every fifth thing. Review the remaining baggage.

Make sure that all things are combined with each other and are suitable for at least 2 outputs. Try to pick up quick-drying things that do not need Ironing, iron in luggage – it’s too much.

2. Fill the suitcase 

Start filling your suitcase with the heaviest things. Fragile and heavy objects (alcohol) put in a package, wrap tight and soft things – on the bottom.

To pack a suitcase full of things, forget about neat stacks of t-shirts and jumpers from advertising washing powder.

Twist each piece into a tight roll. So you rationally use the suitcase spaces and avoid creases in unexpected places. Put the rollers in the suitcase closely and do not allow empty spaces.

3. Packing cosmetic bag

At the top of the suitcase we put hygiene products and cosmetics. All that can accidentally spill (perfume, shampoo, oil), be sure to pack in bags with a clasp. In our stores they have the code name “freezer bags”.

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Don’t take a huge bottles of champoo and shower gels. At the same time, don’t waste your money on expensive mini toiletries that you’ll just throw away once they run out. Instead, buy yourself a set of small refillable plastic bottles which will save a lot of space and fill them up each time you go away.

4. Beat the baggage fees

Don’t cram the extra wear into your suitcase if you can simply wear it – save some space inside the case and decrease its weight. To avoid having to pay for the extra kilos, check the weight of your suitcase at home.

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 5. Double check

Always check the conditions of flight with baggage in your airline, each airline has its own acceptable standards. The weight of free hand baggage and baggage depends on the class. As a rule, the higher class you fly, the more weight you can carry without surcharges.

In addition to the free baggage allowance, you can take some items with you at no extra charge. For example, a computer, umbrella, camera or video camera.