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7 things what to do in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is amazing. It seems that at every step here you should meet a good cloud of fragrant smoke, and freaks and eccentrics from all over Europe should walk around the city streets. But in fact – there are nice Dutch, Van Gogh and tulip fields. And all of this is about Amsterdam – so different, but always yours.

If you have a limited time in Amsterdam, here is a list of things of what to do in Amsterdam: 

  1. Rent a bike. Despite the fear of seeming to be a clumsy compared to the natives.

  2. Visit Red Light District in the morning to see how everyday life of the representatives of the ancient profession looks. 

  3. Swallow the whole herring like local residents do.

  4. Drink real Dutch beer from a real Dutch glass, which volume is equal to a mug of tea in kindergarten. The ice cold Heineken is served in 0.25 ml glass here.

  5. Definitely see the original of famous Van Gogh’s sunflowers.

  6. Take a selfie with the huge red letters IAMSTERDAM.

  7. Take courage and try the local legal marijuana in one of the Amsterdam’s coffee shops.


what to do in amsterdam
Amsterdam, walking around

Walk around the city

Start your walk from the center of the city. Let me describe the short route from central – it starts at the central station and ends in the De Wallen quarter. Along the way, you will see Dam Square, the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and Vondelpark.

An electric train runs from Schiphol Airport to the city center. Tickets cost about 4 € right at the airport: yellow terminals are at the train exits. You can also buy them in advance on the site. Amsterdam Central Station is a 15-minute drive away.

Damrak Street

Damrak Street starts at Amsterdam Central Station, where trains from the suburbs and the airport come. In the 19th century, there was a canal, which was then filled up. Now it is the main street of the city. Here you will find lots of cafes, tourist shops and street food outlets.

Along Damrak there are boats and boats, tourists can take the sightseeing tours of the city. By the way, there are 165 canals in Amsterdam.

Dam Square

Dam Square is the central square of the city, which is always lively. Here the Dutch hold various events and gay parades.

Also here is the Royal palace and the Gothic New Church. The Royal Palace is the residence of the Dutch monarch Willem-Alexander. If the Royal family does not act as hosts or does not hold events, tourists are allowed into the palace to see the decoration. Entrance costs 10 €.

Van Gogh Museum

The next step is the Van Gogh Museum. It has the world’s largest collection of Vaan Gogh works. It includes “Shoes”, “Sunflowers”, “Yellow House”. The entrance costs about 19 €, you can buy tickets online. And it is better to take it as early as possible because the museum is very popular and it may be complicated to get it. 

amsterdam canal
Amsterdam canals


Amsterdam is famous for its nightlife and clubs, which are mainly concentrated in 3 centers: in Leidseplein, in the Red Light District and in the Rembrandtplein area.

On weekends, various interesting things are arranged in city parks: from organic food fairs to mass inline skating. 

Also, there are lots of coffeeshops in Amsterdam. 

red light district
Red Light District