How to beat autumn blues

How to beat the autumn blues

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Feeling tired, fed-up and demotivated after our summer break – that’s what happens with most of us after summer. Don’t miss your holidays! Follow our tips to beat the autumn blues.

1) Be a morning person

Lack of sunlight as the days become shorter and darker can trigger seasonal affective disorder (SAD), leaving you feeling depressed and tired.

A key way to ward off this condition is to get outside for 30 minutes between 6am and 10am when daylight is strongest.

2) Sort out your sleep pattern

Waking up exhausted and craving more sleep is common in autumn.

Stick to a routine of going to bed and getting up at the same time. It will work better than drinking coffee to stay alert.

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3) Get seasonal food 🎃

Swede, sweet potato and pumpkins – these bright orange veg are all great sources of vitamins and so nice for our eyes.

Apples and pears – apples contain heart-healthy flavonoids

Figs – a high-fibre treat, figs are also a good source of calcium.

4) Call your friends!

Make it your mission to go out at least once a week.

It is a guaranteed way to make you feel better.

5) Choose happy meals

Dairy products, fish, bananas, dried dates, soya, almonds and peanuts – these foods contain serotonin which helps us feel happy

6) Try laughter therapy

Here is nothing to add. Smile!

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7)  Book a break

It’s not just the trip itself that puts a smile on your face, it turns out the planning is just as important, that just looking forward to your holiday is enough to lift your mood.

So start researching next year’s trip or booking that weekend away – now!

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