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5 tips to warm up on a road trip in the autumn

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Did you think about the best time for an adventure? In addition to other, perhaps obvious choices, it’s autumn!

It’s not hot on the street (in some cases it is not hot at all), the weather in autumn is rather cold, but it makes the adventure even better. You are not exhausted by the summer heat and nature colors bring amazing photos.

The only snag here is a to stay warm when it’s getting colder outside and in the car.

Here is a list of simple and smart ways to warm up during your journey.

1) Don’t forget the thermos

It’s a simple advice to keep yourself and your travel partners warm. Prepare your favourite hot drink! What will it be? Tea, coffee, cocoa hot chocolate, coffee or something special – any option you like – and also you can add a lemon, ginger or clove. So easy and warm!

2) Music makes a ride

How would your journey go without great songs? Most likely it will be a little sad, and in addition to it – a little colder. Of course, the song itself will not warm you up, but if you sing and think about something else than a cold air, it will certainly do the trick.

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Pick a playlist of songs that you can sing along all the way. And don’t forget – the more vigorous you sing, the warmer it will be.

And if you are not driving, you can even dance!

road trip travel by car

3) Take your favorite blanket with you

Take the blanket with you to the car. You can cover yourself with a blanket if it gets cold. And it will add comfort if you have a long move.

4) Have your bed in a car

The next advice for your autumn adventure is to have your bed linen with you in the car itself – you don’t need to keep it in the boot. Traveling with the bed linen with you doesn’t only improve the feel of comfort while you travel, and besides that, it also helps to make it warmer helping to insulate your car.

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5) Chew to stay warm

When you’re cold your organism takes a lot of resources to warm itself up – don’t forget to pack a snack you like to keep up the energy and have more power to stay warm.

You can make your own set of favorite snacks depending on your preferences – it may include chips, chips, cookies, nuts, and sandwiches for your hot drink.

Are you ready for your next adventure? 

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