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5 common booking mistakes – do not repeat

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Traveling is fun but it might turn into a disaster if you commit these five booking mistakes. Proper planning and research is the key to a successful holiday travel. 

Here are travel tips about the five common booking mistakes which you as a traveler should avoid.

1. Booking late for holiday seasons 

Booking your travel dates late would mean higher prices. Most airlines would really offer flight packages at low prices at first but it would gradually increase as the travel date nears.

2. Booking early for non-holiday seasons

There are some dates in the year which aren’t really peak seasons for travel. Booking too early for these dates isn’t really necessary because according to Independent, prices would actually go down for these dates as departure nears.

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3. Not buying travel packages

Travel packages offer a lot of benefits to travelers. It includes a lot of services like accommodations, hotel transportation and destination tours. It also provides security for travelers if delays and cancellations happen along the way. The service provider can rearrange transportation or compensate the clients if unwanted things happen.

Here I should say that I personally prefer to avoid packages, but I always check it to make sure my own tour is the best. So at least don’t forget about this opportunity. 

4. Not compare prices

Don’t just settle for one travel offer that claims it has the lowest prices among others. Take down notes and list the prices of each deal that you’re interested in getting. You can also ask for advice from your friends, travel forums and travel websites.

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5. Not having a back up plan

Virtual Tourist states that when worse comes to worst, make sure that you have a backup plan on hand. For example, if there are complications with your itinerary, it best that you have an alternative plan for your travels so you won’t waste time, effort and money.

Use our guides to be prepared for any journey:

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